1-931567-50-6 Serenity role playing game by Jamie Chambers, Margaret Weis productions, ltd., Canada 2005, hardcover, second printing, 224 pages.

Chapter Page Line Errata Correction
0 20 left Vitality …….. d6
Willpower … d10
Life Points ……. 14
1 34 1 ice [sic] dice
1 37 -1 Insane crew Insane crew bound for the bug-house don't wake up with all of their screws tightened. Make up your mind to the fact that for some things, you're just gonna be stuck. Get started. Now that we know who you are, grab some gear, and find the rest of your crew, and get your boat up into the sky. There's adventure to be had out in the black!
3 81 box but there rae [sic] those but there are those
4 106 6 a "hard burn") adds 2 to her effective speed class, but doubles her fuel use
4 108 11 "full burn"), that is 2 points higher, but uses 50% more fuel
4 117 -32 (The roof of he ship opens up to allows [sic] the launch (The roof of he ship opens up to allow the launch
4 125 -20 relied on [sic] more on speed relied more on speed
4 125 19 Crew Quarters: 4 quad cabins, 4 double cabins, 4 single cabins.
4 126 drawing 8 quad cabins, 2 double cabins, 2 single cabins
5 143 9 come up as 1's. [sic] come up as 1s.
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