0-316-88020-5 The illustrated long walk to freedom: the autobiography of Nelson Mandela by Nelson Mandela. Little, Brown and Company, 1996, hardcover, 210 pages.

This illustrated edition is also an abridgement of the original.

Chapter Page Line Errata Correction
7 Rivonia 103 5 He had been arrested shortly [sic] me; [before/after?]
9 Robben Island: beginning to hope 146 7/10 I led Walter and Kathy [sic?] over to the south end of the courtyard as though I wanted to confer with them privately. […] the four [sic?] of us began digging I led Walter [,] Kathy [, and someone else?] […] the three [?] of us began digging
11 Freedom 191 -5/-2 The date chosen for the start of mass action was 16 June 1992, the anniversary of the 1976 Soweto revolt. But before [sic] that happened, another event occured that drove the ANC and the government even further apart. On the night of 17 June 1992, [?]

pp. 158 and others have "Constantiaberge": should this be "Constantiaberg"?

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